F&I - Finance & Insurance Office

  • Analysis of Current Policies & Procedures
  • In-Depth Deal Jacket Audits(Quarterly)
  • Spanish Contracts & Disclosures (Policy, Procedures, & Best Practices)
  • Regulation Z and M (Proper Disclosure)
  • Managers Training on Clear & Transparent Sales Practices
  • Menus, Review Current Policy (Recommend Best Practices)
  • Provide Help to Implement Compliance Documents
  • Risk Based Pricing Notice – (When, Why, How)
  • Adverse Action Letters – (When, Why, How)
  • USA Patriot Act-OFAC (Cash Deals Not Excluded)
  • 8300 Cash Reporting/Money Laundering

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)

  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Development of OSHA Safety Manual
  • Hazmat Certification
  • Quarterly In-Dealership Audits
  • Respirator FIT Test
  • Fork Lift Operation Training

Staff Training

All Necessary Departments

  • Safe Guarding Rules: GLB-Gramm Leach Bliley Non-Public Information: What is Considered NPI and How to Safeguard and Properly Discard the Documents
  • Dead Deal Process: Collecting and Filing of ALL Sales Department Generated Documents (ex. Privacy Notice, Text Authorization, Credit Applications, Adverse Action, Risk Based Pricing Notice)
  • Proper Disclosure (ex. Privacy Notice)
  • FTC Buyer’s Guide (State, and Federal, and Bilingual Guidelines)
  • All Necessary Compliance Documents (Regulatory & In-House)
  • Codes of Conduct (Create or Amend)

Regulatory Procedural Manuals

  • Fair Lending Policy, Anti Discriminatory Lending Practices (Company Regulations and procedures)
  • Red Flags: Identity Theft Prevention Program (Review Current Software Process. How to Properly Clear a Red Flag “HIT”)
  • ISP: Information Security Plan (Company Blueprint of ALL Responsible and How It’s Achieved)
  • OSHA: Safety Manual

On Demand Sales Training

  • Basic Process and Procedures “Sales 101” Meet & Greet.
  • Develop a Dialogue which empowers the sales team with the knowledge that will help in the process of extracting all the necessary information with ease and at the same time establish consumer Needs and Wants which creates a non-confrontational buying experience. (Ask the Right Questions at the Right Time)
  • Role Play With, Both Experienced and NEW Sales Associates on the team to Help Promote and Embrace the Best Recommended Sales Practices that will, Sell Cars and protect the dealer in the process.
  • Create a “TEAM” Centric Approach to Completing the sale. (Sales Associate-to-Sales Management-to-F&I)

Credit Bureaus

  • Pre-Qualification soft-pull: through Experian; View actual FICO & trade lines at almost half the cost of a hard-pull. Requires NO Adverse Action Letters or Risk-Based Pricing Notice.
  • All (3) major credit reporting agencies; Equifax, Trans Union, Experian.
  • Compliance Built-In: Red-Flags, Enhanced OFAC, Risk-Based Pricing, Adverse Action (letter generation, and automated fulfillment)
  • Complete Integration Solution: Dealertrack, RouteOne, CRM, ILM, Menu Providers and web/server based DMS, just to name a few.
  • E-Vault: long term Credit Report storage, view ALL Customer history on demand
  • Save money with reliable, simple, fast, and secure solutions.

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